Tablas Sunshine Village

Many may have thought of emigrating. Many reasons can be the trigger for this. Away from politics or maybe just escape the cold. There may be reasons for everyone else. I have made this step 12 years ago and have not regretted a day. To help others quit, I started Tablas Sunshine Village.

The island of Tablas, is a beautiful natural island, but at the same time compared to other islands offers a relatively good infrastructure. There is an airport and in no time you are already in Manila. Roxas, Caticlan and Batangas ferries depart daily from the pier in Odiongan, the largest city on Tablas. Lonely beaches, bonfires on the beach and pure sun. All this far from mass tourism. The Filipinos are extremely friendly and always helpful.

Tablas Sunshine Village is on one side a resort with its own large pool, great sea view, which is suitable for rent. On the other hand, it should be a home for people who want to live here. The whole system will later be operated with solar energy. Also, fruit trees and various types of vegetables are grown in the plant to provide its inhabitants with self-sufficient care. Of 14269m² only 3200m² are to be built.

Planned are a restaurant, a kiosk and a large swimming pool. Every investor has the opportunity to plan his house freely. There are about 30 houses planned in the plant. In the category “floor plans” you will find plenty of suggestions. But you can reschedule the room layout freely and individually. Of course, the entire living space can of course be adapted. Of course, the style must match the rest of the system. Just send us an e-mail and I will make you an offer for all your wishes. Since the complex will have at least one large swimming pool, it will not be necessary for one or the other to build its own pool, but that is basically possible and has its charms. Also, each property will have its own parking.

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