Construction progress & plans

Current News: Tablas Sunshine Village

News 04.04.2019

The second house is nearing completion. 90% of the complete house is finished. The roughcast outside is also completely finished and the fine plaster is also shortly before completion. Soon the painting work will start and that means it will be painted. The tile work inside is also almost finished. Air conditioning systems have already been installed and windows and sliding doors will be installed next Wednesday, April 10th. Next the ceiling panels will be installed and the outside stairs completed. Again a beautiful house and a happy owner more.

News 29.01.2019

Here is the promised update. The roof is being installed. I assume that it is completely finished in about 2 weeks. Also, the walls of the two lower apartments were completely finished and plastered. Electrical and water connections were also relocated. Very soon we will tackle the upper floor. Another update will follow in March.

News 28.01.2019

Even if it is a little late, I am pleased to share these great pictures with you. I think there is nothing comparable in the whole island as far as the quality of construction is concerned. It has always been extremely important to me that a European quality of construction can be achieved even though we live in a Third World country. We are very proud to share our success with you.

News 25.11.2018

Here is finally the long-awaited update of house 2. 3 months after the start of construction I can only say that a lot has happened again. The last ceiling tile for house 2 is ready. Now come the posts to the roof and then covered. Next update then in January for house 2.

News 08.09.2018

And again comes the promised four-week update. We did a great deal. The roof is completely finished, the majority of the house is plastered and the electrical system was completely installed. Also, the windows were all installed. Hooray! Finally dry. Now it’s up to the ceiling installation and the laying of the tiles. The next update will be back in 4 weeks. Once again I would like to praise the workers. Maraming, maraming salamat!

News 27.08.2018

Construction of the second house was on 27 August. Here are the approved blueprints.

News 11.08.2018

As I had already announced on July 16, 2018, here comes the promised update. We continue to struggle with bad weather, but brave ourselves. The columns, tie beams and roof beams are ready, the entire walls have been completed and the roof is also finished. As you can see in the pictures well, we even started with the roof traverses. Once these are finished, the roof is covered with the roof tiles. I’m in good spirits and think the roof will be ready by next Saturday. I would also like to say a big compliment to the workers again. Thank you, you are amazing!

News 16.07.2018

Today I would like to give you some information about the construction progress of the first house. Due to the rainy season and Super Typhoon Maria, we had really bad weather, which sometimes did not allow us to work at all. However, we know how we can still make progress under such bad weather conditions. So today I am proud to announce that we have finished concreting the floor slab. Many thanks to the loyal workers and friends who made this possible. We are ready to start with the next part. The columns, cross beams and roof beams. In about 4 weeks comes an update.

News 28.06.2018

I would like to give you some information on the construction progress of the first house. We started to build the first house in the second week of June. Unfortunately the weather was not so good. That’s why we had to start the earthworks with rain jackets and barefoot. Since this does not scare us off, we nevertheless had an extremely good start of construction. After only 2.5 weeks, we have the earthworks and foundations, up to the first floor slab ready and only with real Philippine manpower. No excavator or anything else, with only 6 workers. They deserve a lot of praise.


Construction of the first house was on 11 June. Here are the approved blueprints. Thus, one can ever get an impression of how robust the construction will be.