House 2

News 04.04.2019

The second house is nearing completion. 90% of the complete house is finished. The roughcast outside is also completely finished and the fine plaster is also shortly before completion. Soon the painting work will start and that means it will be painted. The tile work inside is also almost finished. Air conditioning systems have already been installed and windows and sliding doors will be installed next Wednesday, April 10th. Next the ceiling panels will be installed and the outside stairs completed. Again a beautiful house and a happy owner more.

News 29.01.2019

Here is the promised update. The roof is being installed. I assume that it is completely finished in about 2 weeks. Also, the walls of the two lower apartments were completely finished and plastered. Electrical and water connections were also relocated. Very soon we will tackle the upper floor. Another update will follow in March.

News 25.11.2018

Here is finally the long-awaited update of house 2. 3 months after the start of construction I can only say that a lot has happened again. The last ceiling tile for house 2 is ready. Now come the posts to the roof and then covered. Next update then in January for house 2.

News 27.08.2018

Construction of the second house was on 27 August. Here are the approved blueprints.