The Island Tablas

The island of Tablas is located in the Sibuyan-Sea and belongs to the Philippines. To the west lies Tablas Street and beyond is the large island of Mindoro. 10 km to the east – behind the Romblon Passage – lies the neighbouring island of Romblon and in the south Panay. The island belongs to the Philippine province of Romblon. In the southeast is the airport Tugdan.

The island is located about 50 kilometers east of the southern part of Mindoro Island. The northern tip of Tablas is about 12 kilometers from Romblon Island. Mount Payaopao (also called Tablas Summit on Old Maps) at the northeastern end of the island is the highest peak on the island at 665 meters and the second highest in the province (after guiting). A wooded central ridge crosses the length of Tablas. The west coast is formed by the western slope of the central ridge, which is narrow and well defined. The peaks in the middle of the island are 490 to 610 meters high.

In the middle of the island is the 660-meter-high Bitaogan Peak, which is long and round from east to west and spiky from north to south. Mount Lunas, at the back of Looc Bay, is a black ridge, 474 meters high, long and rounded off to the east and west, and pointed to the north and south; This breaks the route to the low pass from the Looc Bay in the city of Alcantara on the east coast. The southern part of Tablas is a group of many sharp conical hills, all bare and grassy except Malbug Hill, 276 m high, and the 255 m high Calaton Point on the east coast, which are dark and wooded.

The shoreline is mostly mangroves, with many coral sand beaches and some limestone cliffs. The shore reef is continuous except at Guinauayan Point. There is a good natural harbor Looc Bay, with a large bay on the west side and sheltered anchorages. Enenso there is a port in Odiongan from which several times a day, large ferries to Batangas, Roxas and Catiklan drop. Cabalian Point, the southern end of Tablas Island, is low and sandy and hard to distinguish at night; a lighthouse was built during the American colonial era.


Due to its negligible commercialisation, Tablas has been little influenced by tourism and still has a strong traditional Filipino cultural experience. However, accommodations and resorts are available throughout the island. There are now many resorts, such as Binucot Beach Resort and Bar or Sunset Cove Resort, both on Binucot Beach, which means “hidden beach” in the Philippine language.


Tropical Tablas has retained its original character. The flora and fauna appear untouched, as deep green vegetation is crossed by rivers and streams. Tablas Island offers a wide selection of outdoor activities. Visitors can explore beautiful waterfalls and caves surrounded by tropical nature. The Sig Kop Cave, Mablaran Falls, Garing Falls, Mainit Falls or the turquoise Linao D Victo are natural attractions in Tablas. In the middle of the island, the landscape becomes hilly and mountainous. The highest mountain is Mt. Payaopao, at 665 meters (2182 feet), is located in the municipality of San Augustin. But it is not necessary to climb mountains to get breathtaking views. Through partly winding roads, beautiful views of the surrounding nature. The roads are mostly paved, some are covered with gravel. Tablas is nowhere near as well attended as Boracay. Therefore, the beaches are deserted and quiet.

Water falls

– Mainit Falls, located about an hour north of Potoyoy Harbor, is on a private lot and not signposted, but open to the public.

– Dubduban-Bita falls in Brgy. Dubduban, 3 km. from the town of San Agustin is a 7-stage cascade amidst dense vegetation and cool surroundings.

– Mablaran falls, located in Brgy. Linawan San Andres, Romblon at least 8 km from the town of San Andres, Romblon.


Tinagong Dagat in Brgy. Kabibihan in Calatrava are two small, semi-circular saltwater lakes that are only about 10 meters from the sea. The largest has a maximum diameter of 108 meters, the smaller one has a diameter of about 35 meters. Both are deep and have cavernous formations. [9] A special feature of Tinagong Dagat is that at high tide Tinagong Dagat is at low tide and vice versa.


Aglicay and Binay-we beaches in Alcantara

Atabay and Guin-away beaches in Ferrol

Binucot (Dolphin) Beach in Ferrol / Bunsoran

Puro Island, just off the coast of Santa Fe

Saptos beach at Mabini, San Andres is one of the rarest of all shoe shaped rock formations. So it has white sand.